Set up

After a lot of false starts, I finally got set up with Bluehost.  Nothing is easy but the person on the other end of the help chat took care of things without me having to go into how much I really don’t know about all this. Also, Rory. Big help.

I updated my Goodreads. I want to give myself credit for all of the books I read. I still have more to add.

I listened to a podcast by Holly Lowery called “Well and Weird” and listened to part of her next one. She talked about recovery from disordered eating in all forms. Some of my takeaways were to know what my inputs and outputs are and that a creative outlet keeps us from spending too much time in our head and focused on using our hearts and sharing our stories.  More about inputs and outputs later

I finished Exit West by Mohsin Hamid which gave a slightly supernatural edge to a story about immigration and family. The writing is succinct which makes it a quick read. There are definitely parallels to the current refugee situations and the writing left me to fill in the gaps. In other words, it didn’t beat you over the head with the analogy.  I recommend it.  It would be a good for a book club.

I’m reading Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson who wrote The Family Fang. I think it will be pretty good.

Flu has finally settled down. Not everyone with a fever and a cough tests positive anymore. Work is back to the more day to day management of chronic problems only everyone is kind of blue. So diabetes and sadness or back pain and malaise. Again, winter. We’ve all had enough.  Things are greening up though and the sky was very blue today.  Spring is making a run for the goal line for sure.

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