A Few Things from Last Week

On Friday I received a text from a fellow NP about a bill in the state house that would further restrict our practice rights and make our prescriptive abilities be subject to the Ky Board of Medicine. Um, no.

There are no primary care physicians accepting new patients in our county.  The NPs are doing that. The NPs are making quality healthcare accessible to everyone.  Way to make things harder on people they are already hard for (specifically patients but also APRNs). This bad bill was filed as a way to “help fix the opiate epidemic.” It’s not. It will actually make it harder for addicts in recovery and their families.

What a shame our politicians don’t ask us what we think.  It’s the same way no one is really listening to educators about how they think we can decrease gun violence in schools.  Most definitely a sexist component to the way that legislators handle these historically female led professions.

Also, Roger is reading Grant by Ron Chernow.  He points out that really the essence of this 1000+ page book is that everyone spends a lot of time blaming each other. That is what the MD and NP battle is about. Blaming each other for the drug problem.  Not working to change the things that caused the drug problem.  Over 22,000 people died in one day at the 1862 Battle of Antietam.  Our country doesn’t have a great history of working toward a joint purpose.

I finished Gabourey Sidibe’s This is Just My Face.  I really like her. Super funny and smart. While I don’t like most non-fiction, I do like memoir. Spunky fat girl memoir. Women who don’t give a damn or who are working on not giving a damn. Not about how they look but about what everyone thinks of them. They do shit for themselves.

That is about all for now.  Best,




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