Diets I Have Tried Part 1

Last weekend was super rainy and I spent all day knitting a sock that turned out way too big. I did “turn the heel” as they say which was satisfying. I promptly started on a new one in a more appropriate size. It is the process not the product I suppose.

To entertain myself during the knitting, I watched Escape to the Country.   Imagine a very sedate version of House Hunters in which no one criticizes the paint and people actually think granite counter tops are too much work.  Also, beautiful landscape. Not sure why I live here where it is still not spring.

I am reading a trashy book that I may not even acknowledge. Sometimes the mind needs a rest.

Forty-Seven is rapidly approaching. I have been reading a book about binge eating mostly while eating handfuls of chocolate chips.

I thought it might be fun/interesting/eye opening to list every diet I have ever tried. There are a lot. I am pretty sure my frequent dieting is why I have such terrible stomach issues (I am looking at you Nutri-System).

I remember my fat pediatrician telling my mother I was getting heavy and I needed to go on a diet. I was maybe 12? I don’t think I thought I was too out of proportion before that so I do blame him for my screwed up attitude about food and weight. I also blame him for the unbuttered baked scrod and steamed broccoli that followed.  That also marked the last time that a regular soda passed my lips unless I had been vomiting or I was sharing with my kids at the movies.  Diet Coke 4 EVAH!

I definitely tried the cabbage soup (cabbage POOP) diet a few times as young teen and had an unnatural affinity for blue equal packets. I may have been on Weight Watchers at one point and I actually fondly remember aerobicizing several nights a week in the church gym with my mother.

I think I lost about 20 pounds my sophomore year of college with the Depression and Ramen Noodle diet. I also didn’t have my period that whole year AND I had almost daily migraines. I don’t guess I would recommend that one.

Spring of my Junior year I went to London and proved that one can out eat any amount of exercise. I must have walked 5 miles a day but the dining hall had dove ice cream bars and a pub. Also french fries. Ah, the multicultural experience.  The first thing my father said to me when I got off the plane (or pretty early on) was, “Hey you gained weight.” Yes I did. Pick something you do well and keep at it.

The thing is, through all of those years I was very active and I really didn’t think much about how much I ate. I wanted to be thinner and I felt bad for being fat but I also didn’t think about it ALL of time.

So that is Part I of my diet life or “The Nutrasweet Years.” More to come.


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